CoViD deaths in the US

October COVID Death Rate 

In Reddest Tenth Of Nation 

Six Times Higher Than Bluest

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Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates

Misinformation is to blame

Since May, counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump tallied nearly triple the death rate of blue state counterparts - due to COVID "misinformation".


COVID-related American death data shows dramatic differences between Republican and Democratic counties, with the reddest tenth of the nation in October chalking up a death rate six times higher than that of the bluest tenth, NPR reported.


That radical divergence for Republican counties has since dropped to a still startling 5.5 times higher, according to Charles Gaba, an independent health care analyst who has been tracking partisanship pandemic trends.


NPR’s analysis found that since May, when COVID-19 vaccines became widely available, counties that voted in 2020 for Donald Trump by 60% or more have suffered nearly triple the rate of COVID-related deaths, compared with counties that voted for Joe Biden by the same margin.

In Feb. 2021 CoViD was the disease causing the most deaths in the US. 

On average for the year it is third on the table. Health System Tracker.

COVID Cases Spike Even As US Hits 200M Vaccine Milestone

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The number of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 reached 200 million Wednesday. 


New cases in the U.S. climbed from an average of nearly 95,000 a day on 22 Nov. 2021 to almost 119,000 a day this week, and hospitalizations are up 25% from a month ago.


The virus is preying on those who haven’t gotten their shots: As of Tuesday, 90% of the COVID-19 patients in intensive care were unvaccinated.