663 Fact and Faith

This week was huge. For George Pell. For the Catholic Church. For Everyone.


While we were fed Cardinal Pell’s testimonies regarding the abuse of children by priests (do go and see this years best movie Spotlight) it was made painfully clear that a) Pell is the third most powerful official in the Catholic Church and b) the Church is one of the most powerful organizations in the world.


Never mind the fact that Pell, now that he has a Vatican passport, is practically untouchable; that's tragic. But here is a thought that is beyond tragic in its implications for Everyone: The whole schemozzle - Pell, Christianity, the Church and its power in the world - is built upon lies.


The lies that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin; that he performed miracles; that he arose from the dead. And above all the lie that there is a God. 

There is no God … everybody knows that. Everybody who gives the proposition some intelligent thought. They may say, “oh, it is not a matter of fact  ...  but faith.” Fair enough … but the fact is, there is no God.


The matter of faith is an unrelated premise: Everybody’s faith is their very own business … by all means believe whatever you want to believe in (God? Sure). 

But how did this faith thing - while it has nothing to do with fact - become one of the most powerful organisations in the world?

And what is my point with all this? My point is Pell & Co know they are living a lie ... but the lie has become so big, there is no turning back and telling the truth.