588 Keef (aka Keith Richards)

I can’t help myself … I sort of like the bugger. Always have, at least since his book Life (OK, I don't like his fascination with guns; so there)… but, you know, he is in The Rolling Stones, what can I say (I think I said it in my essay THE ROLLING STONES.) Now a terrific docu is on Netflix ... it's amazing; the thing is, you'll never listen to a blues song the same way again, methinks. Watch it!

Rolling Stone magazine:

"Keith Richards: Under the Influence, a new documentary about the Rolling Stones guitarist, will premiere via Netflix on September 18th. Filmmaker Morgan Neville, who recently won a "Best Documentary" Oscar for a documentary about backup singers called 20 Feet From Stardom and who directed Richards' recent "Trouble" music video, directed the film.

"Producers are promising an "unprecedented look" at Richards' influences, songwriting process and guitar playing in the documentary. The film, which was made as Richards prepared his first solo record in over two decades – Crosseyed Heart, due out the same day as the movie – culls from interviews, archival material and footage of him recording new music.

"If there's a Mount Rushmore of Rock & Roll, Keith's face is surely on it," Neville said in a statement. "He has always represented the soul of rock music – for all of the light and dark shades that implies. To my relief, Keith Richards turned out to be a real man – full of humor, knowledge and wisdom. That's the real Keith we've worked to capture in our film and I'm honored to bring it to a global audience via Netflix."