593 The light cannot be given to you by another

When reading Jiddu Krishnamurti, one theme is ever so surprising: He, the greatest teacher of all, advises us that we have to follow our path on our own, all by ourselves, without a teacher. Maybe this concept is counterintuitive; it probably takes a while - and repeated re-reading - to make sense of it. However, after a while it becomes clear that indeed it is the most profound teaching of them all. I subscribe to J. Krishnamurti Onlinethe quotes sent to me are a daily reminder of what's real. Krishnamurti is a regular on my blog: 577, 540

That light cannot be given to you by another

"Most people when they are confused or disturbed want to return to the past; they seek to revive the old religion, to re-establish the ancient customs, to bring back the form of worship practised by their ancestors, and all the rest of it. But what is necessary, surely, is to find out whether the mind that is the result of the past, the mind that is confused, disturbed, groping, seeking, whether such a mind can learn without turning to a guru, whether it can undertake the journey on which there is no guide. Because it is possible to go on this journey only when there is the light which comes through the understanding of yourself, and that light cannot be given to you by another; no Master, no guru can give it to you, nor will you find it in the Gita or in any other book. You have to find that light within yourself, which means that you must inquire into yourself, and this inquiry is hard work. No one can lead you, no one can teach you how to inquire into yourself. One can point out that such inquiry is essential, but the process of inquiring must begin with your own self-observation."