900 Krishnamurti: The wasting of energy

Krishnamurti  talks here about how easy it is to waste energy in the quest for bringing about change. The problem with bringing about change is that we would rather accept, obey, and follow. In other words: We are lazy. As K says, this is an age-old problem we must overcome. I have an essay  KRISHNAMURTI  video

We must be aware of how we dissipate energy


"To bring about a good society, human beings have to change. You and I must find the energy, the impetus, the vitality to bring about this radical transformation of the mind, and that is not possible if we do not have enough energy. We need a great deal of energy to bring about a change within ourselves, but we waste our energy through conflict, through resistance, through conformity, through acceptance, through obedience. It is a waste of energy when we are trying to conform to a pattern. To conserve energy we must be aware of ourselves, how we dissipate energy. 

"This is an age-long problem because most human beings are indolent; they would rather accept, obey, and follow. If we become aware of this indolence, this deep-rooted laziness, and try to quicken the mind and the heart, the intensity of it again becomes a conflict, which is also a waste of energy. 

"Our problem, one of the many that we have, is how to conserve this energy, the energy that is necessary for an explosion to take place in consciousness: an explosion that is not contrived, that is not put together by thought, but an explosion that occurs naturally when this energy is not wasted. Conflict in any form, at any level, at any depth of our being, is a waste of energy."


Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. XVI, 152, Choiceless Awareness