847 Living in security

Once again Krishnamurti is setting my head straight. We all have narratives with which we run our lives, and we must realize there is no security in anything we create with our minds, in our thoughts. The hardest thing for us thinking beings is to realize truth, the true nature of the world. Instead of seeing truth we go by our mental (psychological) inventions … religions, beliefs, dogmas, rituals, all those limitations on a free mind we burden ourselves with. K says it again and again: Only when we have a mind free of all our divisive endeavours (when we have “Freedom From The Known”) can we see - and live in - truth and complete security.

Intelligence in which there is complete security

One has come to the absolute fact - not relative fact - the absolute fact that there is no psychological security in anything that man has invented; one sees that all our religions are inventions, put together by thought. When one sees that all our divisive endeavours, which come about when there are beliefs, dogmas, rituals, which are the whole substance of religion, when one sees all that very clearly, not as an idea, but as a fact, then that very fact reveals the extraordinary quality of intelligence in which there is complete, whole security.

Krishnamurti, The Wholeness of Life, p 166

It is one thing to read a book like Freedom From The Known ... it is totally different, though - in fact very satisfying because so easily digested - to be receiving snippets of K's writings every day. 

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