503 One more word from the wise man

Jiddu Krishnamurti used to emphasise the need for a radical change in society  ... the mind needs to go through a thorough transformation, if humanity is to realise its potential as the crowning of creation ... I call it the raising of lower consciousness to higher consciousness. Krishnamurti urges to employ meditation for that purpose:

"We have to alter the structure of our society, its injustice, its appalling morality, the divisions it has created between man and man, the wars, the utter lack of affection and love that is destroying the world. If your meditation is only a personal matter, a thing which you personally enjoy, then it is not meditation. Meditation implies a complete radical change of the mind and the heart. This is only possible when there is this extraordinary sense of inward silence, and that alone brings about the religious mind. That mind knows what is sacred."