659 The Journey Inside

Today I had reason to ponder the case for travelling and going on holidays (following my blog 647). I have been invited to spend a holiday on Bali and I had to decline … knowing full well that re-visiting Bali would be a blast. 


These days my headspace demands other stimulation: I want to find more of the type of education travels may not be able to provide ... the type I find on the one hand in meditation and on the other hand in my reading of Krishnamurti’s writings … if I was to travel I could well go to India and try to follow in the great man’s foot steps; but then, I may also be able to do that right here, right now.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I have read - and written - about K a lot and I have created a reference page with a comprehensive list of  my travels into K-land  (which is a journey inside my mind). In one of my earliest blogs I mentioned that I had ordered his books ... blog 478

(I have ordered K's books The First and Last Freedom and Freedom from the Known ... I expect I'll soon write a blog about K's concept of freedom ... so excited, can't wait.)

Freedom from the Known  had a great impact on me. Krishnamurti says we can only find truth if we free ourselves of all we know (with an empty mind) ... all our preconceptions, prejudices, biases and the truthiness we so often fall for when we follow religions, dogmas and whatever cultural belief systems humanity has burdened itself with. 

I have essays on KRISHNAMURTI, BELIEF and TRUTHINESS in my book with no title, instead three definitions for the term en.light.en.ment