473 True teachings

I had some feedback (more, please):


I have noticed your Facebook and (blog) posts of late regarding Tolle and enlightenment and the spiritual path. Thank you for your honest and heart-felt reflections. I have never been attracted to Tolle. I’m sure he is expounding certain realities and perspectives that are accepted by many, and I honour that. Here is a link that will be of interest! Matt is a real character and I really love and resonate with him.


Thanks for sending me the link to  Matt Kahn;  I had a quick look, but I only lasted about a minute … I could not connect with him. The whole presentation - that purple mandala at the beginning, the music, the persona of Matt, the way he talks - just doesn’t suit me, it doesn’t touch me; to me his presentation is try-hard and clichéd … it’s all too Tolle-esque

The thing is, I’m not a “new-age” person. All that flowery, incense, crystal stuff doesn’t appeal to me. I am a very grounded, no nonsense person, with my philosophy pared back to the bare-bone minimum; I’m a Zen kinda guy ... where there is no room for any embellishments of the truth and the path toward attaining it; and the pure truth is all that matters (see below). 


Yet, my venture into Tolle-kingdom was very educational. I have realized much, much more about myself than about  Eckhart Tolle  or his teachings … frankly, my re-reading of his books (as little as I did) have been an eye-opener. It made me clear and sharpen my mind to what is important to me, and I’m grateful to E.T. for that.


I just had another look at Matt Kahn and I forced myself to listen to him for two minutes, but his presentation just annoys me. I really have no time for “new-age-self-help-gurus” … I am not receptive for spiritual teachings that are filtered through a self-proclaimed guru and his verbosity (to begin with, the term Emotional Oneness makes my hair stand up in my neck).


Above I talk about the truth … simple, plain and un-embellished ... the passage below - from my blog  465 What value Gurus?  - is my fusion of teachings by ... Confucius,  Buddha,  Charan Singh,  Krishnamurti,  D. T. Suzuki,  Lao Tzu:


Every human has the capacity for enlightenment and - once free of anger, hatred, fear and prejudice - is capable of unconditional love; however ... our ego - our ordinary mind or lower consciousness - stands in the way, since it is the subject of social conditioning that creates false needs and conflicts. 

Meditation neutralizes that conditioning ... and it is not just a solitary practice, but a permanent state of awareness that is to be maintained in every moment; this total awareness awakens the individual from the sleep of ignorance ... which is induced by dogmatic beliefs and selfish expectations. 

Seekers of spiritual wisdom are to live an ethical life, to love fellow human beings - indeed all of humanity - with compassion and tolerance, and in pursuit of peace. They are to cultivate purity of heart and to gain mastery over the mind while they connect with their inner self, their soul … or inner God.